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Rewriting history in Subversion with the help of Erlang

Note: This text was originally written for the blog in 2011, but since that is now defunct, I'm republishing it here to make it available online again. When I wrote this, we had only been using the resulting repository for a few months and our experience with git was quite limited. Now three years later, I can say that I'm very very happy indeed that I spent a lot of effort importing the entire development history into git. Being able to run "git log" or "git blame" and see every change back to when the initial code base was created almost 10 years ago is incredibly useful. Our development department at Klarna has grown quite a lot the last year [2009-2010], and because we are trying to be as agile as we can, using scrum and kanban, this has meant more teams, more branches, and more coordination and merging of branches. When summer came, we knew we had a big batch of recruits due to start in August, and that we had to do something about o