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The Hobbit (1982 game) graphics engine in Javascript

Tunnel like hall Great river Trolls' path Narrow place Dragon's desolation Straight smooth passage Dale valley Trolls' cave Forest gate Lake town Goblins' dungeon Dark dungeon Trolls' clearing Elvish clearing Lonelands Elvenking's cellar Goblins' big cavern Gloomy bewitched place Running river Lower halls Spider place Front gate One of the first computer games that really fascinated me was the 1982 text adventure based on The Hobbit, for the ZX Spectrum. I was 12 years old when I first played it, and it was immediately clear that this was different from any other game I'd seen. It was a text adventure, but some locations had illustrations in brightly coloured graphics, which although crude by today's standards really helped transport you to another world back in those days of mostly monochrome screens and text-only adventure games. There is much more to be said about what made the game so special - in fact, the graphics