Svn+Trac hosting (commercial break)

Since I do quite a lot of hobby hacking in my spare time, I've been thinking about setting up a personal server for things like version control and ticket tracking, etc. On the other hand, I don't really have a good place to keep an always-on computer in our modest apartment, what with noise, cables, cooling and such. I finally started looking around for a good hosted alternative, such as a virtual private server - but that seemed a bit like overkill for my present needs, and I'd have to set up everything myself from scratch. And sites like SourceForge and Google Code are not suitable for private projects. Eventually, I found a couple of sites such as and CVSDude, that seemed to be what I was looking for and had quite reasonable prices. In the end, I chose, because they included everything I needed (Subversion and Trac, https, and even DAV) even in the most basic plan - three Prosits for German pragmatism!

I have already copied most of my various ToDo-notes from different sources such as e-mail, digital post-it notes, semi-legible scribblings on paper, etc., into proper Trac tickets (lots of them), and my home directory is version controlled so that it's pretty much identical both on Linux and under Cygwin. And of course, all my code, LaTeX articles, etc., is in there too. I usually avoid the worn-down expression "warm and fuzzy feeling", but for once, it really fits.


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