It's that time of year again

In case you forgot to make a note of it in your calendar: tomorrow (Monday), the 13th of October, is the internationally celebrated Monkey Island Music Day! Let the festivities begin!


Jan Moren said…
Agh, curse you! I've listen through a bunch of Youtube videos, and now I want to replay all those games so bad it hurts... Too bad I have just about zero time to do so.
The music can be had in MP3 form at the

For the busy commuter, I hear that ScummVM runs well on convenient hand-helds such as Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. (I suppose the DS with its touchscreen stylus would be pretty optimal for playing point-and-click adventures.)
Jan Moren said…
Actually, right now I'm playing "Etrian Odyssey II" on my Nintendo DS (about once or twice a week in practice). It's exactly like all the old-school adventure games like Bard's Tale, Ultima, even Nethack - endless mazes with random-generated enemies, turn-based battles, convoluted go-and-fetch quests, sometimes impossible enemies, constant leveling, stats and abilities galore.

I've seen some (younger) players complain that it's too difficult and takes too long to play. Me, I love every second of it.

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