Copenhagen spring trip

In May, we took a weekend trip to Copenhagen, and we had incredible luck with the weather - it was probably the best days of spring 2008 in Scandinavia. It was just Friday through Sunday, but that turned out to be plenty of time to enjoy ourselves even though we went by train (which is much nicer than flying: no airports, for a start). We stayed in a pretty good hotel over in the Nyhavn district, walked rather a lot, spent most of the Saturday going to Louisiana museum of modern art (and its spectacular garden), and had an incredibly good meal at restaurant Koefoed, which specializes on food from the island of Bornholm, known for its great climate and high-quality produce. (It's also the kind of place where you just hand the waiter your credit card and don't look at the bill until later. Much later.)

I took a rather nice set of pictures that can be viewed here on my Flickr account. (I hope to get through my backlog of pictures before this year ends. Snapping them is fun, but sorting them...)


Jan Moren said…
Fun! I have to admit I hardly ever went to Copenhagen even though I lived just across the strait for ten years. Perhaps we'll take a trip there next time we get to Scandinavia.

About picture processing: I noticed the same thing - you end up with piles and piles of images. So I do two things: I throw away a lot of pictures; and I've started using film. Basically, if I have ten images that all show more or less the same subject or theme I may keep one or two. That cuts down on the processing and the remaining images are much better as a result.

And when you use film you do end up taking a lot less than with digital. And it's even more fun!

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