It's been a long time...

Wow - I've not updated the blog for a year and a half. Amazing how writing a book can turn you off all other kinds of written expression (apart from the odd Tweet). The book's been out for a month now and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. But following the release, I haven't had the energy to do anything creative when I get home after work, so I've just been playing video games and, well, not writing.

I've felt entitled to it, though: for the last year, I've not had time for anything else, so I've built up a huge backlog of books, films and games that I'm now suddenly able to start working my way through. The only problem with that is that it too can start to feel like work.

In particular, my long list of TODO-notes and feature requests for my pet programming projects has felt too overwhelming to try to pick up. In many cases, I've completely forgotten where I was, so it typically takes half a day just to look over the code and figure out how things work and where to continue hacking. But I'm building up to a point where I'm actually feeling the urge to program again. So maybe I'll be publishing some hacks again in a not too distant future.

It's been an eventful year in other respects as well: This summer I turned 40, and I and Elisabet got married in September (after 6 years of being engaged). At work, the company has kept growing like mad, and the size of our development department doubled (again), so we've been really busy. We also switched from Subversion to Git, and I should probably write about how we did that, because it turned out to be quite complicated.

Blogging is no longer à la mode, but I might be returning to it more regularly now that I have a life again. Meanwhile, have a merry Yule!


Anonymous said…
A late congrats to your marriage :-)

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