Department of Death, Sutter Street, SF

(Originally posted on Google+, Mar 24 2016.)

If you've played the classic point-and-click adventure Grim Fandango, you probably remember the Department of Death building where the game starts out. But did you know that it was based on a real building? The place is 450 Sutter Street, San Francisco, and it is covered in Aztec Art Deco, for real. On my recent trip to SF, I had the opportunity to check it out. Was not disappointed. Would have been nice to be able to go up to a skybar or similar though. Preferably with the option to go onto the roof and feed the pigeons while carrying a balloon animal looking like Robert Frost.

For more details, see

Also, I always thought that the hidden elevator (spoiler warning) in the pavement in the alley behind the DoD was a contrived idea that someone made up just for the game. But these are actually common in San Francisco - see the last picture. They are used to bring stuff in from delivery trucks in the street directly to the basement level of buildings (e.g. hotels), take out garbage, etc.

Now go play the game again. What are you waiting for?

And while you're at it, go get Day Of The Tentacle (Remastered) as well!


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